Does Tea Kill Pigs?


Apparently William Cobbett (1763-1835), a British politician, thinks so. In his book, “Cottage Economy”, published in 1822, he says:

“Then comes the great article of all, the time employed in this tea-making affair. It is impossible to make a fire, boil water, make the tea, drink it, wash up the things, sweep up the fireplace and put all to rights again in a less space of time, upon an average, than two hours.”

Wow! 2 hours to make a cup of tea. I guess we don’t have to sweep the fireplace these days, but two hours?

He goes on to say that there is undeniable proof that tea kills pigs, leads men to idleness and women to brothels. He even says that tea destroys health.

An interesting, if somewhat ridiculous, read. He must have really loved beer. I found the link here.

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