A Bit Of Orwellian Tea Totalitarianism


Everyone knows the Brits love their tea. Or do they? According to The Independent:

“London enjoys the second highest Starbucks density in the world.”

Or consider this, by the BBC, about the UK’s tea drinkers:

According to the survey the average person now drinks 2.2 kilograms of tea a year – well down on the 2.6 kgs consumed in 1997.”

Regardless, when it comes to tea, the Brits are renowned for drinking it, and comparitively, quite heavily.

So it comes as no suprise to hear that George Orwell, the British novelist, and resolute leftist, had a few rather firm thoughts of his own when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea. According to him, there are 11 sacred rules for making the perfect cup of tea. Anyone who departed from these rules could not be called a “true tea lover”.

Read all the Orwellian golden rules of tea making here.

A bit totalitarian, wouldn’t you say?


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