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One Eye Open. One Eye Shut Originally uploaded by The Simple Leaf. No, nothing to do with tea. Just a picture I took of my best friend, Roy keeping an eye on me. He’s a yellow labrador retriever, in case you didn’t notice! Advertisements

It’s Saturday, July 29. 7:02pm: It looks like we’re back online. 3:13pm: Our tea shop is currently down. We’re really sorry if any of you have tried accessing the site within the last few hours. Apparently our hosting company is experiencing some difficulties. I’m on the phone with them right now trying to get this […]

A few interesting developments on the health benefits of tea. The US Food and Drug Administration has said that there is no credible scientific evidence to support the claim that green tea reduces the risk of cancer. “Two studies do not show that drinking green tea reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, but […]

Vietnam has become the world’s seventh largest tea exporter, at around 80,000 tonnes a year, with plans for 100,000 tonnes this year. It’s nice to see other tea producing countries beef up their efforts to promote tea worldwide. Here’s another nice article about the Vietnamese tea industry, from the Tea and Coffee Trade Magazine. A […]

Next time you forget something, take a sip of tea, since a cup of tea can boost your memory according to a team from Newcastle University.