Are You e-Unengaged Or e-Committed?


Researchers at University College, London are attempting to understand and classify social access to technology. They have come up with 23 e-types in society, ranging from the “e-unengaged” at one end of the spectrum to “e-committed” and “e-experts” at the other.

Fascinating stuff. The debate is no longer about bridging a digital divide between haves and have nots. The picture that emerges is of a much more complex division between various elements of the “e-society”.

Paul Longley, the leader of the study, says:

“It is simplistic to think of the impacts of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) in terms of a single, or even small number of, ‘digital divides’. As developments in what has been termed the ‘e-society’ reach wider and more generalised audiences, so it becomes appropriate to think of digital media as having wider-ranging but differentiated impacts upon consumer transactions, information gathering and citizen participation. The e-society project has developed a detailed, nationwide household classification based on levels of awareness of different ICTs; levels of use of ICTs; and their perceived impacts upon human capital formation and the quality of life.”

While this study was limited to Britain, I wonder if similar work is being done to understand society’s access to technology in the developing world.

Go here for more information on this project.


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