Movies In Darjeeling


As a child, I fondly remember watching the latest movies at Capitol cinema in Darjeeling, which was just down the street from my grandmother’s cottage.

Capitol Cinema Clock Tower, Darjeeling, India

Or, if we felt like a longer walk, we’d make the trip to Rink.

Unfortunately, both theaters have been closed for a while.

But now the Rink has reopened as The Rink Mall, complete with three screens. I wonder what’s become of the good old Capitol. At least the old clock tower is going to be functional again soon.

3 Responses to “Movies In Darjeeling”

  1. 1 kal bozt

    i just acroos this site.I too grew up near rink cinema.It was just sentimental looking at the picture as it has been 18 yrs since i left darjeeling.

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog Kal. I’m glad I could be of assistance in evoking memories of Darjeeling!

  3. 3 sanjay

    Lovely to find website from the place I grew up. I used to live in Rock Vill near TV Tower. Its been 10 yrs. Wish I find more information about Dj.


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