A List Of Made Up Words With Tea


It seems to be a trend for people to butcher perfectly good words by “tea”-ifying them. I’m not trying to be mean spirited (you can poke fun at The Simple Leaf all you want!), but just wondering aloud as to how far this trend will go.

Here’s my initial list. Some are made up and some are real companies. Feel free to comment and add more:

  • Teaosophy
  • Teavana
  • Affinitea
  • Devotea
  • Infinitea
  • Teality
  • Serendipitea
  • Sensualitea
  • Spiritualitea
  • Serenitea
  • Tea-Z (a play on easy?)
  • Convivialitea
  • Honest Tea (honesty)
  • Simplicitea
  • Actualitea
  • Curiositea

5 Responses to “A List Of Made Up Words With Tea”

  1. I’d rather poke fun at myself…



  2. Good one Tess.

    Some more I came across:

    Partea Time
    Two a Tea
    Tea’s Me

  3. There’s a teashop in Gettysburg that calls itself “Civil-i-Tea”, too, I believe, or something of that nature. I remember seeing it on a trip there last summer.

  4. I wonder if this blog belongs to them:


    There’s also this site – New Civilitea (under construction)


  5. Convivialitea? Are you serious? Is that the name of a company?

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