How To Share Your Love For Tea (Or Just About Anything Else)


A Google search for tea this morning revealed approximately 229,000,000 hits.

So how do you filter out the noise and get to what you’re really looking for.

I’ve found a great site that helps me do this. It’s a nice way to store all my favorite tea sites in one place and to discover sites that other people who love tea use.

I use Fanpop to organize my favorite websites into “spots” around topics that I care about. Like tea, jazz, movies, technology, and much more.

According to the founders of Fanpop:

“Each spot is a gateway to content around a specific area of interest. The network of spots is powered by communities of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about those interests rather than by computers or algorithms that can be gamed. “

I have to admit, it’s quite addictive. So if you’re interested in tea, and want to share your favorite links with fellow tea lovers, join the Tea Spot on Fanpop. You can even create your own vanity spot. We’ve got ours – The Simple Leaf!


2 Responses to “How To Share Your Love For Tea (Or Just About Anything Else)”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I just joined the Tea Spot on Fanpop.

  2. Angela,

    Good to hear. I’m sure the folks there are pleased to get another subscriber. I can tell your blog is about tea – I wish I could read Dutch!

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