Have A Cuppa Tea


This is an admittedly random post, but I just came across the lyrics to a Kinks song posted here.

For christ sake have a cuppa tea!


5 Responses to “Have A Cuppa Tea”

  1. 1 Shodan

    And I just came across your blog. Randomness is golden in blogland.
    Love your blog.

    BTW, Ooty in Karnataka (South India) is another major tea spot. You might want to take a look.

  2. Hi shodan,

    Thanks for stopping by. I know Ooty well. I actually lived in Conoor for a little while as a child. The Nilgiris do produce some excellent tea, and we’re working on getting our hands on some. Stay tuned!

  3. 3 Katie

    Does anyone remember the “ditty” (although I can’t remember the words) that went like this:

    Da da da da da dada,
    Da da da da da dada,
    Why don’t you have a cuppa tea?

    Please help, this is driving me crazy!
    Tea-ired of guessing…

  4. I wish I could help – but I have no idea!! Perhaps it’s one of these?

  5. Wow , esto párrafo es agradable , mi hermana hermana menor está analizando este tipo de cosas ,
    por lo tanto voy a decirle a ella.

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