A Phyll Sheng Review


Folks, Phyll is a tea and wine enthusiast. And I mean enthusiast! His blog is full of interesting (and very detailed) wine tasting notes as well as lots and lots of great tea tasting notes. So whether you’re curious about tea (or wine), his blog is well worth reading.

So I almost spilled my tea all over my keyboard when Phyll mentioned that he thought our oolong was “aromatherapeutic” and had written a review of it. So I hopped across to his blog, which now features detailed notes on…. drumroll please…..our Nepalese Honeybee oolong tea, with pictures and all!

Keep the criticism coming, good or bad. We’re honored to hear it, and we’ll make sure that the growers that we represent hear it too.


3 Responses to “A Phyll Sheng Review”

  1. Never a “review”, Nikhil, but merely just a “tasting note”. I wouldn’t consider myself a tea or wine reviewer. And thank you very much for the undeserved compliments. All in all, we are just exchanging ideas about this beverage called tea (and wine).



  2. Phyll – I think I mentioned this on the LJ site, but I will be chatting with Madan Tamang soon (from Meghma) and will definitely make it a point to get his responses to all the feedback / questions I have received.

  3. Excellent! I look forward to reading and learning from Madan Tamang’s responses. Thanks. Also, if you have any suggestions or disagreement with my tasting note, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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