Snow in Chicago


It’s only October 12, and winter has begun in Chicago. This was the view from my deck this morning. No, those aren’t pretty white flowers. It’s snow. Time for a hot cup of tea.


Incidentally, the odds of this happening are pretty slim.

In 136 years of Chicago weather records, temperatures have failed to climb above 40° only three times this early in the season. That puts the climatological odds of a reading that cold at just 2%.”


2 Responses to “Snow in Chicago”

  1. Respected sir,

    You are Nikhil Roychowdhury right..I read your interview in The Ganesha speaks blog. I was impressed by your interview. Since i am on a quest to meet all (or atleast as many as possible) intresting people i would very much appreciate if you could find time to write a comment on my


    Basically i want you to give a link to your site (i could do that but your putting it their ensures your acceptance). And let me know a few things about how your company works.. that is something brief and not mentioned in your interview possibly.

  2. Hi Ajit,

    Thanks for the very kind words. I did check out your blog and left a comment there. Please feel free to link here – after all it’s your blog…you should be able to link to anything you want!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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