And The Winner Is…


China is now officially the largest tea producing country, a title that used to belong to India.

Interestingly, this is the first time that China has actually reported production figures, so they were probably #1 all along, except they kept it a secret!

As far as global tea exports go, India is now #4, preceded by China (#3), Sri Lanka (#2) and Kenya (#1).

India, dubiously, is also the highest cost producer of tea in the world.

7 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. There is another place in Palo Alto called Tea Time. It’s also very good. Are you writing a book about tea?

  2. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for the comment. Maybe someday I will write a book about tea. But in the meantime, I’m just blogging about it, and keeping busy running my tea business!


    Edit: Aah, I was wondering why you thought I was writing a book about tea, and finally figured it out!  It’s because of my comment on your blog “ok in my book”. There’s no book – just a figure of speech!

  3. 3 aseem


    Can you throw some light as to what is the difference in yield per acre of tea in India and China, and what are the steps China is taking to revive its tea industry

  4. Hello Aseem,

    Great question. I tried to post the response here, but the formatting was a huge issue, so I created a new post about it. You can read my response here.

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  3. 3 lowest price

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