Stash, Tazo And Steven Smith


Steven Smith, the founder of two very well known tea brands – Stash Tea and Tazo, has decided to call it quits. Temporarily at least.

Apart from the incredible achivement of founding two very successful companies, he remains most proud of his involvement with Mercy Corps. Over the years, he has spent about $1.3 million

“on projects to build roads, water systems and community halls, to install latrines and to train village health workers. The Chai project has changed the way the Portland humanitarian agency works with corporations”

Having spent a lot of time in Darjeeling myself, the results of his work are very visible.

So what’s next for him? Well, he says his next venture “may or may not involve tea”. I suppose we’ll just have to stay tuned. He’s going to be in France with his family for the next year.

2 Responses to “Stash, Tazo And Steven Smith”

  1. 1 Dick Rylander

    I have an idea for a tea delivery system and would like to get the input and review of someone like Steve. How might I go about making contact?

  2. Hi Dick,

    Unfortunately I don’t know of a good way of making contact other than trying to call Stash directly and asking for his contact information.

    Good luck! I am intrigued about your tea delivery system.

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