Tea Tourism


From The New York Times:

“But tea estates from Assam to Darjeeling are now converting British-built 19th-century bungalows into luxury lodgings, catering to a growing band of sophisticated palates seeking the perfect cup of tea.” (read the full article at The New York Times)

I’ve long been interested in the growing trend towards adventure travel in general and tea tourism in particular. It will be interesting to see how this matures over time. India will have to find a way to strike a delicate balance between the tendency towards overt commercialism and the need for careful ecological conservation.


3 Responses to “Tea Tourism”

  1. 1 Ankit Dabriwal

    It will be really intresting to see and experience the tea gards of north bengal (specially) grow and reap the potential of tea tourism, which is sure to grasp the attention of all tea lovers and the person with a taste of adventure in them.

  2. Hello Ankit – thanks for stopping by. Agreed – it will be an interesting trend to watch. I only hope that the industry carefully considers the way forward. I would hate to see our tea estates and the tea growing region in general become over-commercialized.

  1. 1 Luxury For Tea Lovers « Tea. Uncomplicated

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