Milky Chai Bad


According to a small German study, adding milk to your tea can destroy it’s health benefits. Michelle Rabin from T Ching concurs:

Isn’t this enough information to convince people that if they want tea to be a health beverage, it is necessary to eliminate milk? For me, it is. Period…..end of story.

For the milky tea lovers out there (the moniker probably applies to many Indians and Brits who couldn’t imagine their black tea without at least a dash of milk), all hope is not lost:

Catherine Collins, a dietician and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Society, agreed that tea was a “very healthy drink” and pointed out that drinking it with milk in would boost calcium intake.


2 Responses to “Milky Chai Bad”

  1. Just another reason to use honey instead.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lauren! I agree – I like honey with some teas.

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