Bigelow Dumps (And Gets Dumped On)


As tempting as it is, I’m not going to comment on the Imus scandal (perhaps GG, a Rutgers alum will if prodded a bit). Anyway, here’s something I didn’t realize — Bigelow Tea is was a sponsor of his morning show. In response to Cindi Bigelow’s announcement that they were considering pulling out, a number of their customers spoke up – many outraged and many gratified.

Constant Comment[‘s] takes on a whole new meaning.


He may have said something inappropriate, but he is not a bigot and he is sincere in his apology. I will however NOT continue to drink Bigelow tea. I think YOUR actions are inappropiate. What are you going to have to do to apologize to America for your actions.
Signed….used to love Bigelow tea

I also have enjoyed your tea since IMUS said to try it. I can’t believe you dumped him him this fast. He has not even met with the team yet! I therefor have dumped your tea.

Hey Cindi I got news for you you better just not only suspend Don Imus just drop him I know somebody who go to Rugter University you should drop Imus that boy going down for unfunny joke

We really live in a wonderful country … you get to drop Imus and I get to drop Bigelow tea.


As long time Bigelow tea drinker, I’m pleased to see the company re-considering its sponsorship of the Imus show and hope you’ll decide to make the suspension permanent.

I commend you for dropping your sponsorship of Imus’ program. His remarks are inexcusable and insulting. I will look upon your brand from now on favorably.

Bigelow Tea has a new customer because you have sent a message to young hard working women that it’s not okay to demean and degrade them.

To the Bigelow Family,
I want to thank you for your values. I will be purchasing your teas once a month from your online catalog for my office. For all the people who stated that they will no longer purchase your products, I pray there will be 2 or more people that will.

Nevertheless, I’m going out tonight to buy a big batch of Bigelow Tea. While I’m at it, I’m going to pick up some staples from Staples as well.[link]

What does this say about race relations in our country? Nice try, but I’m not going there.


4 Responses to “Bigelow Dumps (And Gets Dumped On)”

  1. not much to say about 90 year-old white guys blurting out racist comments. never really watched or heard his show either. i’ll say this though: i love black tea.

    seriously though, a little too busy to blog about it – but appreciate the prodding. perhaps will write something later on.

    incidentally, i’m not an alum yet. although i’m in the process of becoming one. hence, the busy-ness, and the blog-silence…

  2. Go finish that PhD and re-enter the blogosphere.

  3. sir, yes SIR! 🙂

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