The Darjeeling Limited


Darjeeling Limited

I wonder if any of this will be shot on location. Either way, I’m looking forward to it, despite its rather strange (and silly) plot:

The brothers believe their father has been reborn as an albino leopard, and trace their mother to a convent where she teaches poor children. The train they travel by is The Darjeeling Limited, and they are on a search for their father/Leopard.

Speaking of Darjeeling, there was a hail storm there a couple of days ago so an already small tea crop will likely be even smaller this year.

The hailstorm was particularly severe in the Kurseong, Tung and Sonada, affecting all tea estates in and around that area. According to the Darjeeling Tea Association records, the hailstorm lasted for about an hour damaging acres under tea.


2 Responses to “The Darjeeling Limited”

  1. Heres some pictures that start out from the Darjeeling Train Station.
    Look forward to this movie. There are lots of stories coming from this area regarding eco diasters. Such as building of dams in Sikkim region. There are many who are on a hunger strike to stop such dams from being built. GOOGLE IT
    dharma dog

  2. please write in

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