How about this brilliant comment in response to this post about why people like Starbucks.

I agree with you about the “frappa-mocha-halfa-caffa-crappa.” People like trying to be unique though, and complicated lingo is one way to do that. Personally, I prefer my coffee with a splash of milk and sans-jargon.

Nicely stated, Evan. We can relate.


3 Responses to “frappa-mocha-halfa-caffa-crappa”

  1. Heh…2 days ago my wife bought for me a grande-green-tea-low-fat-latte from Starbucks, which tasted like chemical and mouth coatingly unpleasant. My wife loves me very much, I think. 🙂

  2. Oh, in another news, I’m sitting right next to a big white box full of tea from you (unopened as of yet). Can’t wait to dig into it! Now, any idea how to hide this very big box from my wife (“MORE TEA!?!?!”)?

  3. Phew! I’m so glad they arrived. The USPS has caused me way too much stress this past week. I usually get an alert on my trusty Blackberry as soon as orders are delivered or when their status changes (yes, my wife says I’m a control freak). Well, I have been getting cryptic messages like this all week:

    “No information is available for this item. Please contact the sender.”

    So I’ve been freaking out a bit and thinking of all kinds of worst case scenarios. But now I can sleep tonight.

    As far as hiding the box – tell her you bought her some shoes – but you can’t give them to her just yet because they’re a surprise.

    Then go buy her some real shoes this weekend. 🙂

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