A year after India’s independence, Time magazine reported:

…for instance, in Hyderabad railway stations, there are separate refreshment rooms labeled “Moslem Tea Room” and “Hindu Tea Room. In Hyderabad imported food supplies have dwindled and the price of potatoes has soared to $1 a pound. The airline that connected Hyderabad with Indian cities is suspended. The Nizam’s officials admit privately that Hyderabad might not be able to survive another six months [link].

And again, last year:

In India, Bush toured the southern city of Hyderabad to praise an example of everything that’s right about the nation. Like its neighbor Bangalore, this ancient Muslim fort town is a hub for science and technology.[link]

India rising indeed.

Incidentally, if you ever find yourself in India and have an opportunity to visit Hyderabad, the local specialty is Irani Chai, “milky, with a bit of masala, brewed in aluminum kettles and pans and served in tiny glasses” [link].

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