Green Tea Girlie


Oh, the frivolity of it all.

If you haven’t been keeping track of web conspiracies lately – allow me to indulge your curiosity. This one is vaguely connected to tea, as the title of this post (and the screen name of our protagonist) might imply. The blogosphere and youtube-osphere has been aflutter with all the conspiracy theories surrounding GreenTeaGirlie, prompting some to think it was a viral marketing campaign by Dragonwater Tea Company. They vehemently deny any involvement of course.

Craig Rubens of NewTeeVee offers up his own video expose and explains the controversy brilliantly:


Green tea marketing ploy or just someone with loads of time on their hands? Either way, lonelygirl15 is going to have some competition after all.

2 Responses to “Green Tea Girlie”

  1. 1 matilde

    Have you tried blueberry green tea? If so, what was its taste and did you like it?

  2. 2 skylineTG

    nice one i all most belived her

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