Baby Steps


This post has nothing to do with anything.

Our website’s Alexa ranking broke the 1 million barrier for the first time, weighing in at a hefty 980,057 today. Does that mean Alexa thinks we have the 980,057th most awesome site on the internets? At any rate, it’s probably not something we need to be particularly proud of (it’s a bit like saying we came in 5th in a 7 person race – not quite last, and nowhere near first). But then again, we are ranked 215, 570th if you only count US websites. And we’re pretty popular in South Korea too – 33,108th! Perhaps international shipping (South Korea – you just beat Canada to claim first position on the list!) should be on the cards this year. I think a solid Assam will pair quite well with some tasty stir-fried squid.

Anyhow, all these stats are reason enough for us to celebrate, considering we were languishing in the millions for the past several months. At this rate, we’re well on our way to total world domination. Starbucks, and for that matter, The Google — watch out!

[Edit: May 14 – Well, the celebration was short-lived indeed. We’re back over a million now, where we shall probably languish until the next big surge in traffic!]

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