A Math Problem


Mobeius’ problem :

I would like to pour myself some tea, wait a fixed time t for the surface of the tea to cool down to a drinkable temperature before beginning to sip, and then sip at a fixed (and preferably constant) rate until the tea is gone, with the tea remaining at a constant temperature.

How would you solve the equations for the perfect tea cup?

One Response to “A Math Problem”

  1. 1 Foobar

    Impossible: the tea is hottest at the top. In fact the tea will be cooling on all its surfaces, possibly more so where it is in contact with the cup. Any cooling of the tea on the top surface will cause that tea to fall, and warmer tea from below to rise up.

    Air is a poor conductor of heat. Your tea is constantly in motion as convection currents are set up by the cooling process.

    Now, if you were drinking tea with a straw from the bottom of the cup, THEN you could indeed work out the rate at which you could draw tea at a constant temperature.

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