Juggling Responsibilities


June 13 is National Juggling Day.

It also happens to be the first anniversary of a rather special day for us. Exactly one year ago today, we accepted our first order. We’ve learned a lot since then — especially about juggling responsibilities. We have a responsibility to you — our customers — and to our many suppliers and business partners. We also have a profound responsibility to the planet that we so heavily rely on for our livelihood.

Today, in celebration of our birthday, we thought we’d make our responsibility to our planet just a little bit more concrete. So what are we doing? Well, we have entered into a new partnership with Carbonfund.org. With their help, we are offsetting 100% of all our corporate travel, inbound and outbound freight, and office emissions. In doing so (and the ink is still wet on all the agreements and MOUs we signed), we are now the first online tea shop to be certified carbon free, and have joined the ranks of such heavyweights as Dell and Orbitz. We hope many others will join the effort as well.

It’s worth it.

The Simple Leaf is Carbon Free

Learn more about what we’re doing and how you can get involved on our Carbonfree page.

We like the company we’re slowly turning into. After all, that’s what we set out to do — to build a business that we could be proud of. We’re confident we’re going to continue to delight you in more ways than just with our yummy tea.

Oh, one more thing. Stay tuned to our store feed – we’ve just accepted delivery of our latest batch of fresh, new season teas and will be announcing their arrival shortly.

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