How Far?


Here’s an interesting video by Molly Schwartz and Donna Schaper that shows you how far your food typically travels before it reaches you. [via: The Ethicurean, Grist Mill and the original article on The Nation]

Now, we can’t really claim to be one of the good guys (although we shop at our local farmer’s market – does that count?). For better or worse, we import our tea all the way from (gasp!) Asia. According to the Great Circle Mapper (a nifty little tool), our tea flies an average of 7,978 miles before it gets to us in Chicago. That’s a lot of miles, and it’s safe to say our “foodometer” is off the charts!

While we wish we could buy tea locally, unfortunately that’s not really a viable option, since not much of it grows here (with the exception of Bigelow’s Charleston plantation, of course). So in the meantime, we’ll do our best to conserve and reduce what we can, and offset what we can’t. Hat-tip to for giving us one very nifty way to do that.

Oh, right. The video.

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