5 Ways To Eat Your Tea This Summer


Summer Salad

We’re smack-dab in the middle of a very pleasant Chicago summer and I’ve been brewing up fresh batches of cold-infused iced tea every day. However, the gorgeous weather means that I have not been spending quite as much time in the kitchen as I normally do. To make amends, I thought I’d go hunting for some tea-inspired recipes for a lovely Sunday afternoon cookout with my friends.

Here are 5 recipes I intend to try before our brief Chicago summer gives way to (an even shorter) fall. Maybe I’ll do them all as part of a five course meal. Or if that feels like tea overkill, maybe I’ll try them individually.

1. The Appetizer: Asian Tea Eggs and Summer Crunch Salad

We’re growing parsley and basil in our yard now, so this sounded like the perfect salad to try. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as going out into the yard and gathering fresh herbs! To make this, I plan to start with the summer crunch salad and garnish with sliced, marbled asian tea eggs.

2. An Accompaniment: Tea Bread with Vine Fruit and Pine Nuts

A good salad needs some good bread to go with it. I plan on toasting this tea bread and perhaps chopping them up as croûtons for the salad.

3. The Main Course: Sugar-tea smoked duck breasts

What’s better than duck? Well, smoked duck of course. This is the perfect recipe for an outdoor grill/smoker. If you’re like me and don’t have a professional-grade smoker, here’s an easy way to make your ordinary grill behave like one.

4. Dessert: Green Tea Cheesecake with Raspberries

Cheesecake+Tea = A match made in heaven. If you’re anything like me, you love cheesecake almost as much as you love tea. So when I found this opportunity to combine the two, to say I was delighted would be putting it mildly.

5. Even more dessert: A Very Simple Green Tea Sorbet
Yes, I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so two choices for dessert is not an unusual thing for me. I’m a big fan of green tea ice cream, and order it every time I see it on a menu. I actually gave serious consideration to making some at home, but felt guilty about the extra calories all that whole milk and heavy cream packs. So here is a healthy alternative – a green tea sorbet.

So there you have it. Now go forth and eat your tea.

[image courtesy bbcgoodfood.com]

6 Responses to “5 Ways To Eat Your Tea This Summer”

  1. Hi! Thanks for a very interesting post. Tea can be eaten…that’s definitely new
    dimension…great one. I especially enjoyed that green tea sorbet you mentioned.
    Take care.

  2. @ Mislav – thanks! You’re my first Croatian reader. Enjoying your blog too.

  3. 3 MetisSiren

    I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested in some more tea recipes, however there is one that I made during the last holiday season that went over especially well. Chai Latte Cupcakes. If so, the recipe can be found here: http://www.theppk.com/recipes/dbrecipes/index.php?RecipeID=386

  4. 4 Nikola

    this is pretty weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. 5 Mai

    Hate to toss out good dietary fibre, so have been drying out used tea and later tossing these natural mixes in soup or whatever. I don’t find anyone else online doing this. My thinking: If I can drink the tea, surely the leaves ca do no harm. One of my special teas keeps a nice licorice taste even after brewing, that gives my sauces that mystery taste. Anyone ever poison themselves doing this?

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