July Blog Roundup


In the spirit of June’s fave five, here are my picks for July.

MarshalN wrote this terrific post On Tea Blogs and their importance. He attempts to answer an interesting question – why bother?

Next up, Mellow Monk has been making my daily reading a lot more visual with his new photoblogging feature. He has asked his growers from Aso, Japan to contribute photos to his blog via cell phone. Here’s a photo of Mt. Aso, where Mellow Monk procures his tea.

Mary became a columnist for Adagio’s TeaMuse feature and needs help coming up with a name for her column!

Francofinn reviews Dina Cheney’s Tasting and finds it slightly lacking in the tea department.

And finally, Michelle Rabin ponders how we should approach serving tea to our guests. After all, “in most cases, the host selects their favorite coffee blend and just brews up a pot for their guests.” So should we do the same for tea? Read on.

4 Responses to “July Blog Roundup”

  1. Oh, whoa! So this is where the traffic boost is coming from! Thanks, Nikhil!

    I think the problem is pretty resolved now–I’ve just heard back from Christine at Adagio, and we both really like “Between the Leaves,” so it’s a go.

  2. Nice name! Although I just read the comments on your post about it, and can see your brother’s point of view too 😉

  3. New blogs to read! Delightful!

  4. Welcome back Tess!!

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