NBC Segments on Green Tea


NBC on Tea
[Note: The image above is not a link. Links to videos on MSN video are provided below]

We were told a while back that green tea was good for us.

Well, is it? NBC’s news divisions attempt to investigate the rising popularity of green tea in the United States.

1. First up, NBC Chief Science Correspondent Robert Bazell reports the goodness of green tea?

2. Next, MSNBC’s Alison Stewart investigates if green tea is hot.

3. Dr. Deanna Lites asks if tea is the new health drink.

4. Finally, Matt Lauer, from The Today Show, learns to pour tea in Shanghai..


3 Responses to “NBC Segments on Green Tea”

  1. The dietician she interviewed said that about four cups a day would be enough to get the health benefits, but the studies I have seen claim that you’d have to drink more than that. As I recall, six to eight cups would be ideal. But I guess four is better than none šŸ™‚

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