Tea Garden Bungalows: January


I recently received some beautiful scanned images that show artist renditions of tea garden bungalows in Assam. They’re part of a calendar, so I thought I’d start by posting this one from January.

Visiting Agent’s Bungalow in Pertabghur, Assam. Artist: Abanta Bora.
According to Williamson Magor, the owners of this particular estate:
Pertabghur derives its name from Pertab Chandra, a powerful king who ruled the area during the medieval ages, the king had built “Ghurs” or fortresses to protect his empire Pertabpur. Pertabpur was renamed to Pertabghur and this was adopted for a tea estate. The garden is immense and luxurious and is the capital of the Williamson Magor Tea Empire.” [link]

For more on life in colonial bungalows, this exhibit from Louisiana State University is worth a peek.

5 Responses to “Tea Garden Bungalows: January”

  1. 1 Raj Kamal Phukan

    Fantastic image. I live in Assam and am working in Tea. I have often visited the VA’s bungalow at Pertabghur. Would be able to link me to other images.


  2. 2 David Pennell

    You might be interested to know that I lived as a boy at Pertabghur bungalow, my father being the Superintendent of the Bishnaut tea company.

    I later worked on George Williamson gardens predominantly in the DoomDooma area. This was in the early sixties.

    I now live in New Zealand


    David Pennell

  3. 3 Pankaj Buragohain

    I worked in Dekorai Tea Estate in the Bisnauth Tea Company group of Wiilliamson Magor from 1989 to 1996.During my tenure many times i had visited Pertabghur.

    Now i live in Mumbai and work for Reliance Energy.I still miss the tea gardens and the great nature.


    Pankaj Buragohain

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