Driving 15,000 km For Tea In A London Taxi


Tracing Tea

About a year ago, I blogged about the ambitious Tracing Tea project, which aimed to celebrate the 350th anniversary of tea’s introduction to Britain.

Well, I figured I would check on their progress this morning, and was delighted to find that they have completed the journey. In an old London taxi!

Enjoy the video diary of their incredible trip. The clip of Darjeeling was my favorite. I’m headed back there in October, and just can’t wait.


One Response to “Driving 15,000 km For Tea In A London Taxi”

  1. Hello The Simple Leaf blogger,

    I noticed your blog during a recent google search for Tracing Tea. I was one of the three who completed the taxi trip. I just wished to let you know: the taxi trip was not *the* trip, but rather a reconnaissance run for the Tracing Tea documentary expedition proper, which departs from Darjeeling in July this year, with tuk tuks this time (bigger vehicles in support of course!) They will shoot for an eight-part ‘Tracing Tea’ documentary (the company website is http://www.maximumexposureproductions.com).

    If you were curious as to the fate of the taxi: we donated it to Darjeeling Sparsh, a local disabled charity. After some repair work, they hope to make use of its wheelchair carrying capability, and also generate income by using it as a novelty taxi service for tourists to and from Siliguri airport and New Jalpaiguri,


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