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I just read this post from Seth Godin about marketing morality. “The morality of marketing is this: you need to be able to stand up and acknowledge that you’re doing what you’re doing. “By marketing this product in this beautiful packaging, I’m causing a landfill to get filled a lot faster, but that’s okay with […]

How do you say tea in…..? Here’s a list of words for tea in various languages. Afrikaans: tee Armenian: te Bengali/Bangla: cha ( চা ) Chinese (Cantonese): cha ( 茶 ) Chinese (Mandarin): chá Croatian: čaj Danish: te Dutch: thee English: tea Esperanto: teo Finnish: tee French: thé (thanks sulz) German: Tee (thanks Arlen) Greek: […]

From slashfood. We have heard time and again that tea – green tea in particular – is good for us, but the standard hot cup of tea can get boring quickly, especially when it is approached with the idea that you have to drink it for your health. Fortunately, Green Tea: 50 Hot Drinks, Cool […]

We’ve just added the ability for you to view our list of top-rated teas in order of ranking. All teas are rated by customers, so this is a great way to find out what others thought about a particular tea. If you’ve recently tried one of our teas, we’d love to hear what you thought. […]

From Flickr – Pure Decadence Originally uploaded by The Simple Leaf. My favorite white tea ever. This hand-crafted Darjeeling white tea has beautiful wiry leaves that still retain their original shape. Minimally processed, this is a truly decadent treat for special occasions. Smooth and refreshing and rich in antioxidants. More details about Pure Decadence.