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Some people were asking, so I thought I’d make it official. She’s here! And in case you were wondering, we did offset the carbon emissions from her long flight over. Advertisements

I’m very interested in tea. I’m also very interested in people. Have you ever wondered about the story behind your tea? Who grew it? Who processed it? Who set its price? Who packed it? Who shipped it here? The transformation of a simple tea leaf from its raw form to the beverage we so enjoy […]

Folks, Phyll is a tea and wine enthusiast. And I mean enthusiast! His blog is full of interesting (and very detailed) wine tasting notes as well as lots and lots of great tea tasting notes. So whether you’re curious about tea (or wine), his blog is well worth reading. So I almost spilled my tea […]

Madan Tamang, an ardent believer in sustainable agriculture has hit a home run with his Meghma Tea Estate. He produces only small quantities of tea in his 7,000 foot high estate in Nepal. But what makes this tea stand out is the eco-friendly philosophy that pervades all aspects of production. All proceeds from sale of […]

I think this is the best way to make iced tea, bar none. And it doesn’t get any easier than this, because you can literally sleep while it’s brewing. Use any loose tea you like, although we think our Honeybee Nepalese oolong is just wonderful when made this way. Perfect Iced Tea (Makes 4 glasses) […]