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Spam Art


This blog, and our many email inboxes, have been getting inundated with spam lately. Nothing new there. We expect it. Everything from offers for the latest in erectile dysfunction treatments to stuff much more sinister than that. All par for the course. Now, rather than simply bemoaning the unfortunate state of affairs that makes spamming […]

Coffee Art


How cool is this? Make sure you check out the stop/action and the movie. Anyone done anything similar for tea? I know about these remarkable women in South Africa, but is anyone painting using tea? Photo unceremoniously ripped from Before you succumb to your urge to sue me for copyright infringement, please let me […]

Came across this wonderful old engraving, from Wikipedia: This engraving shows the different stages in the process of making tea. Tea bushes are carefully pruned and plucked to maintain the correct density, encouraging new leaf-bearing shoots. Here you can see the two drying stages of the process, drying stops the fermentation process and removes the […]