about this blog

Tea. Uncomplicated is a blog about tea. It’s also the official, bona fide blog of The Simple Leaf (not that we’re vain enough to think there would be unofficial blogs about The Simple Leaf).

What do we write about?
We blog about things that we deem of interest to us. While the majority of our posts tend to be newsy, and sometimes offbeat tea-related items, you’ll soon find out that we write about other things as well. What other things? Well, technology for one.

How often do we post?
We don’t like strict schedules. So we usually update this blog whenever we feel like it. Which could be once every couple of days. Or not.

Why a tea blog?
Well, why not? We love tea. We love tea so much that we started our own tea company. That’s why.


10 Responses to “about this blog”

  1. 1 vinoth kumar

    This is a super site..congratulations and good luck….vinoth kumar

  2. thanks so much for visting watblog. I stay in mumbai and started my career as an entreprenuer with http://www.jobs4freshers.com a fresher job site here in India and am currently looking for funding for the same. Watblog is a new blog but im glad that you liked what your read. If you can link back to watblog it would be great! Take care.
    Warm Regards,
    Rajiv Dingra

  3. Dear Teamaster!

    Do You interested in a linkchange?

    My site:
    Hungarian Tea Blog

    Good luck!

  4. What a cool blog, well done.

    I’ve stuck you among the esteemed on my cool tea links page, chekkitout:




  5. I am surprised to see blog totally dedicated for tea…..In the UK afternoon tea is famious and in London’s famious hotels, you have to book for afternoon tea in months advance…

  6. 6 Sara Elizabeth Judy

    I LOVE THE SIMPLE LEAF!!! This website is great!!! Well done Nikhil!!
    (is that Roy’s eye???) Love you both and wishing you the best of luck!

  7. Hi Nikhil,

    You have a most interesting tea blog. Well done!

    Perhaps your readers would be interested in a tea and history tour to Charleston, SC? Sept 5-7, 2007. I will be happy to send you a Press Release if you will contact me with your email address. In the meantime, interested tea lovers can visit our website at http://teaincharleston.com

    Thanks for any exposure you can give us!

    Tea in Charleston

  8. Greetings from Szavanna_blog – I am happy I discovered you guys!

  9. 9 Peter

    As foraign investor, is it possible to invest in tea estates, let´s say in Assam or Darjeeling? Does someone know what a fair evaluation of a tea garden could be and what criteria should be applied? And are there some recent cases of tea garden acquisition that can be exsamined.
    Some info would help a lot, thanks!

  10. 10 Bobby

    Hi Nikhil,

    I will be frank…I just had a quick ‘looksy’ at your blog, but I like it! Its simple, as simple as your brand.

    I have worked in the tea gardens in Assam for over 7 yrs as a planter and production manager with the Williamson Magor Group (it has since split). I am now staying in Canada – did my accounting designation, pursuing MBA, and working for E&Y! One hell’va switch… but I don’t miss an opportunity to connect with fellow tea connoisseurs.

    Good luck.


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