Here’s what’s on our reading list, in no particular order. Go check them out.

TEA / FOOD and other gastronomic delights

Adventures in Tea and Wine
A fascinating and extremely well written blog by Phyll Sheng, a tea and wine aficionado. Phyll approaches everything with a keen attention to detail and his passion shines through in his writing. I’ve learned many a thing about wine and pu-erh through Phyll.

Hooked on tea ever since a serendipitous visit to a Teavana store, Mary has started documenting her tasting adventures with great gusto (and wit) for all to read.

A fun video blog with tea and teaware reviews and lots of useful tips.

Tess is back after a long hiatus. I really hope she keeps her excellently written tea blog alive.

More Tea, Vicar?
An excellent new blog by a self described tea drinker and bookseller from London who also happens to be fond of cake. I was taken with a review of “Tea: Aromas and Flavours Around the World“, by Lydia Gautier.

Steph’s Cup of Tea
Steph blogs about tea (and other stuff, like us!). Great conversational style.

Tea Obsession
Well written tea tasting notes by a tea fanatic. Update: Imen is opening a tea room and is documenting the process on her blog. Fascinating stuff. Good luck Imen!

A fun blog by a tea lover.

Tea Tour NY
A blog about tea gatherings in and around New York City, with lots of tea information and resources.

BBC Tea Recipes
Yummy recipes using tea as the main ingredient. If sugar tea smoked duck breasts sounds appetizing, you need to check it out.

BBC Good Food
If you like good food, you’re going to love this site.

A popular foodie blog that I frequent.

Joey Roth
A highly talented industrial designer (who also loves tea) and has a the additional gift of writing beautifully. Check out his Sorapot concept teapot and prepare to be amazed. I enjoy reading Joey’s thoughtful analysis of how we interact with objects.

T Ching
A site focused on “teaching” tea. Great articles from contributing writers who share a love of tea.

Serious Eats
Video, blogs, photos, and feature stories all geared toward foodies

Tea Association of the USA
Good resources for tea industry practitioners.

Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea
Coffee, Tea, Chocolates…yumm.

Tea Guy Speaks
William I. Lengeman III is an experienced freelance journalist, food writer and book reviewer. He’s got a terrific tea blog and seems to always keep up to date with everything “tea”.

MARKETING / BRANDING / TECHNOLOGY and other business-ey stuff

Developing Innovation
Explore the impact of technology on developing economies (particularly India). I think this is a must read for two reasons: a) it’s very insightful b) it’s written by my brother.

Seth Godin
Thoughts on marketing from a self described “bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change”.

Pogue’s Posts
The New York Times technology columnist blogs about…..umm….technology. One of favorite writers.

Brand Autopsy
A marketing blog by John Moore that’s great for anyone interested in learning about the power of marketing.

Chronicling the Silicon Valley technology venture capital market.

How to Change the World
Guy Kawasaki’s blog – a must read for entrepreneurs.

INDIA and other desi musings

The Great Ganesha
Written by a doctoral student and college buddy of mine who is finishing up has finished (!) his dissertation in the Mathematics of Finance. GG writes about film, popular culture and literature and just about anything that strikes his fancy. He’s got a way with words, this chap!

Desi Pundit
A one-stop shop for the best that the Indian blogosphere has to offer.

MUSIC, LITERATURE and the arts

Amitav Ghosh
One of my favorite authors (who also happens to be my uncle – my sole claim to fame!). He was recently awarded the Padma Shree award, which is given “to Indian citizens to recognize their distinguished contribution in various spheres of activity including Arts, Education, Industry, Literature, Science, Sports, Social Service and public life”. Check out his Wikipedia bio , or my favorite book – The Glass Palace. Here’s one of his articles from The New Yorker.

Szavanna was born in Hungary and has traveled around in Europe & USA. She spent 1 year in Tunisia learning Arabic (the language and music) and now lives in South Africa with her family. She blogs about music and art. If you’re as big a fan of African music as I am, you’ll want to read her blog. Anyone who loves Ali Farka Toure is awesome in my book.

Think I should be reading your blog too? Well, tell me about it!


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