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I had loads of fun this morning playing with a tool called Wordle. Paste in any text you want, or point to an RSS feed, and Wordle generates gorgeous visualizations of the most frequently occuring words. Here’s the RSS Feed for our website: And the most recent visualization of our blog’s RSS feed. I’m not […]

This post was inspired by a conversation I had the other day with a customer. As we were chatting, the conversation veered slowly away from tea to technology. As a student of computer science, this person was interested in how we were using technology at The Simple Leaf. For those of you who have been […]

A Google search for tea this morning revealed approximately 229,000,000 hits. So how do you filter out the noise and get to what you’re really looking for. I’ve found a great site that helps me do this. It’s a nice way to store all my favorite tea sites in one place and to discover sites […]

I just received an email from Erik, one of the founders of ProductWiki saying that we’re now a “Featured Person” on their homepage. Thanks Erik! Go check out ProductWiki. It’s Web 2.0, for online shoppers. A terrific idea with lots of potential. While you’re there, give us a few taps on the back!

There’s a new kind of wikipedia – except it’s for products. ProductWiki users can create their own wishlists, rate and review products, and share them with anyone. Here’s my PFLOP – Pre Formatted List Of Products. Good to know techies haven’t lost their abbreviation skills. The first P is silent, by the way, so it’s […]