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How about this brilliant comment in response to this post about why people like Starbucks. I agree with you about the “frappa-mocha-halfa-caffa-crappa.” People like trying to be unique though, and complicated lingo is one way to do that. Personally, I prefer my coffee with a splash of milk and sans-jargon. Nicely stated, Evan. We can […]

The Tea Board of India, along with the Indian Tea Association is planning to open a café in downtown Cairo to promote Indian tea. According to an ITA spokesman, “…for the first time, consumers will be able to sample and buy tea on the spot.” “We have found a very suitable location in downtown Cairo. […]

I wonder if this will do well in India. What’s more, they are rolling out new drinks for their share of the pie. So, you can sip an “Enigma On the Rocks” – a brew where tea leaves mix with chilled water to get the look and feel of whisky. Or, an ice tea with […]

Everyone knows the Brits love their tea. Or do they? According to The Independent: “London enjoys the second highest Starbucks density in the world.” Or consider this, by the BBC, about the UK’s tea drinkers: “According to the survey the average person now drinks 2.2 kilograms of tea a year – well down on the […]