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Scientists have discovered that mixing green tea with other substances, such as citrus juices, vitamin C and even soy milk and rice milk, increases the amount of the antioxidants that can be absorbed by the body. [via] The lead author of the study, Mario Ferruzzi is a professor at Purdue University. Advertisements

[Note: The image above is not a link. Links to videos on MSN video are provided below] We were told a while back that green tea was good for us. Well, is it? NBC’s news divisions attempt to investigate the rising popularity of green tea in the United States. 1. First up, NBC Chief Science […]

Snapple is taking EGCG mainstream! Here’s their Superbowl iced tea ad. What are polyphenols anyway?

From Flickr – Pure Decadence Originally uploaded by The Simple Leaf. My favorite white tea ever. This hand-crafted Darjeeling white tea has beautiful wiry leaves that still retain their original shape. Minimally processed, this is a truly decadent treat for special occasions. Smooth and refreshing and rich in antioxidants. More details about Pure Decadence.

By now you have probably heard about polyphenols, if not from your doctor, then undoubtedly on TV. Polyphenols are a group of chemical substances found in plants. They’re called “poly”-phenols because they have more than one phenol group per molecule. A phenol is any chemical compound which contains a six-membered aromatic ring, bonded directly to […]