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Monday Funnies


Here’s a dose of tea humor from The Onion to get the work week off to the right start. I like to do the crossword puzzle while I have my tea,” said Baumer, making it easy to imagine him wearing a bonnet and a frilly pink dress. [via] Advertisements

Here’s a little Friday amusement. According to my trusty blog stats, here’s what some of you searched for before stumbling upon this blog: spitting tea for dogs how do you kill pigs america sutra clips green ant tea Maybe I need to rework some of my titles. I’m not sure I want to be in […]

A dose of (Indian) YouTube humor. Enjoy! It really gets going after about a minute and a half. Make sure you check out the credits too – a little Enrique….desi style. In other news, authorities in India are trying to figure out what to do with some wayward rats. Never a dull moment.

On Spitting


There once was a man from Darjeeling Who got on a bus bound for Ealing. The sign on the door Said “Don’t spit on the floor,” So he carefully spat on the ceiling. [via: Jim Caldwell on 43 Places] For a scholarly analysis of spitting, see this.

Why it just doesn’t pay to sell tea (or wine) made of ants. A Chinese man has been sentenced to death for conning people out of 3 billion yuan ($387 million) in a giant scam to breed ants, local media said Thursday. Wang Zhendong, from the northeastern province of Liaoning, fabricated a business purported to […]