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Jugalbandi means “tied together”. The term has deep roots in Indian classical music and generally refers to a “call and response” type pattern in which two musicians literally go at it in an improvisational frenzy. The magic that happens in a jugalbandi is a lot like the collective improvisation that occurs in jazz. In jugalbandhi, […]

Snapple is taking EGCG mainstream! Here’s their Superbowl iced tea ad. What are polyphenols anyway?

A funny Lipton Iced tea commercial from down under.

The Great Ganesha reminded me of some retro Indian TV commercials. So I did some digging of my own and found this very old Indian tea commercial by Tata Tea. Incidentally, Tata Tea acquired Good Earth tea last year in the first of many moves to get in on a burgeoning US tea market. Enjoy.

Tea Partay


It’s after labor day, which can mean only one thing – tea parties. Here’s a tea party – New England style! Enjoy! This is actually a Smirnoff commercial.