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A new billion dollar fund has been set up in India to boost the quality and productivity of the Indian tea industry. Long plagued by high operating costs and ageing tea bushes planted during the colonial era, it’s about time we did something to make our tea more competitive on the global market. From replanting […]

I thought I’d follow up my previous post about black tea with a simple explanation of those mysterious acronyms sometimes found on packages of tea. Remember that tea grades are not standardized, so they may vary widely according to country or region of origin. Also, tea grades do not necessarily indicate quality. The acronyms found […]

This is in response to a question I get asked a lot. “What is black tea?” The production of black tea is quite a recent phenomenon in the history of tea. The process of making black tea starts like any other tea (green, white or oolong) – plucking. Plucking is usually done by hand by […]