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We didn’t write a whole lot in September (or August for that matter), but we did read quite a bit. Here are some of our favorites: 1. Chow put together an interesting series of video clips with James Norwood Pratt, on topics ranging from tea at Peets vs. Starbucks (Peets gets a thumbs up), the […]

In the spirit of June’s fave five, here are my picks for July. MarshalN wrote this terrific post On Tea Blogs and their importance. He attempts to answer an interesting question – why bother? Next up, Mellow Monk has been making my daily reading a lot more visual with his new photoblogging feature. He has […]

Here’s a little Friday amusement. According to my trusty blog stats, here’s what some of you searched for before stumbling upon this blog: spitting tea for dogs how do you kill pigs america sutra clips green ant tea Maybe I need to rework some of my titles. I’m not sure I want to be in […]

My feed reader tirelessly fetches all the latest musings on tea and loads of other subjects from all my favorite bloggers. So today, after taking a look the items I had “starred” for further reading, I thought I would share five memorable ones I came across in June (in no particular order). First up, a […]



Just a quick administrative note for our readers. You may notice that when you visit our blog, the URL has changed from: to We did this just to achieve consistency in the URL between our main website and our blog. Both now point to You should not need to change your bookmarks […]