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Much has been made of the importance of water in proper tea preparation. It’s all true. Using good water is a crucial part of bringing out the best possible taste in your tea. According to the Tao of Tea: This is because subtle variations in the pH (acidity, alkalinity) and mineral content (Total Dissolved Solids, […]

How Far?


Here’s an interesting video by Molly Schwartz and Donna Schaper that shows you how far your food typically travels before it reaches you. [via: The Ethicurean, Grist Mill and the original article on The Nation] Now, we can’t really claim to be one of the good guys (although we shop at our local farmer’s market […]

The Funeral


A good friend of mine from Bombay told me about a funeral he attended a couple of days ago. A funeral — except no one died. It was a mock funeral for a tree, complete with Hindu rites and rituals, the obligatory mourners, flowers and lookers-on. Oh, and liberal amounts of red paint for dramatic […]

June 13 is National Juggling Day. It also happens to be the first anniversary of a rather special day for us. Exactly one year ago today, we accepted our first order. We’ve learned a lot since then — especially about juggling responsibilities. We have a responsibility to you — our customers — and to our […]

Such a rise in temperature is unheard of in the Darjeeling hills That was Darjeeling Tea Association secretary Mr Sandeep Mukherjee. [via: The Statesman, Kolkata]