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So you finally get yourself out of bed after hitting the snooze button for the seventeenth time (it would have been eighteen, had your spouse not kicked you in the shin). Then, assuming you haven’t stopped to check your email en-route*, you head straight to the kitchen to ruffle through your tea collection. It’s time […]

Another beautifully written review from teadonism. Mountain Malt is an Assam BPS (Broken Pekoe Souchong) tea from the Gingia tea estate. We couldn’t be more delighted that customers are taking the time out to taste and review our teas.

Teadonism‘s Tess Grey, a pu-erh conoisseur, tries her hand at Assam tea with our American Breakfast and More Amor. Here’s what she had to say in her very detailed review. Thank you Tess. We’re absolutely thrilled!

He’s a real person, not just a tea. His name was Sir Charles Grey. The tea was named after him, and today refers to any black tea scented with bergamot oil. Earl Grey was first blended by Twinings. Interestingly, Twinings also has a blend called “Lady Grey”, blended with Seville orange, lemon and bergamot oil. […]

This is in response to a question I get asked a lot. “What is black tea?” The production of black tea is quite a recent phenomenon in the history of tea. The process of making black tea starts like any other tea (green, white or oolong) – plucking. Plucking is usually done by hand by […]