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A Math Problem


Mobeius’ problem : I would like to pour myself some tea, wait a fixed time t for the surface of the tea to cool down to a drinkable temperature before beginning to sip, and then sip at a fixed (and preferably constant) rate until the tea is gone, with the tea remaining at a constant […]

Infusion, or steeping begins the moment the tea leaves make contact with the water. The length of time you need to infuse your tea depends on the type of tea. In general, because smaller leaves have a higher surface area, it infuses its flavor quicker, so the smaller the leaf, the faster the infusion time. […]

Instead of a “Top 5” or “Top 10” list, here’s my “Top 6” ways to make really awful green tea. 6. Using bad water You need great water to make great tea, green or otherwise. Water with high concentrations of fluoride, chlorine or even hard water should never be used. Using anything other than fresh, […]

I think this is the best way to make iced tea, bar none. And it doesn’t get any easier than this, because you can literally sleep while it’s brewing. Use any loose tea you like, although we think our Honeybee Nepalese oolong is just wonderful when made this way. Perfect Iced Tea (Makes 4 glasses) […]

Conventional wisdom tells you that when it comes to keeping hydrated, tea is a no-no because of its caffeine content. “Wrong!” says the UK Tea Council. It is a common misconception that during extremely hot weather tea should be avoided as a fluid replacement due to the supposed action of caffeine. In fact tea does […]