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So you finally get yourself out of bed after hitting the snooze button for the seventeenth time (it would have been eighteen, had your spouse not kicked you in the shin). Then, assuming you haven’t stopped to check your email en-route*, you head straight to the kitchen to ruffle through your tea collection. It’s time […]

Mind The Gap


Swedish professor Hans Rosling (bio) uses some pretty remarkable software to show us the links between economic development, poverty, mortality rates and a whole host of other development data. Now you may be thinking, “so what’s new?”. Well, the secret sauce here is that he presents the information to us in very surprising and utterly […]

Baby Steps


This post has nothing to do with anything. Our website’s Alexa ranking broke the 1 million barrier for the first time, weighing in at a hefty 980,057 today. Does that mean Alexa thinks we have the 980,057th most awesome site on the internets? At any rate, it’s probably not something we need to be particularly […]

6.2 Billion: US Tea Industry sales (US Dollars) in 2005. 3 Billion: Approximate number of cups of tea consumed worldwide every day. 200 Million: Approximate number of kilos of tea exported by India in 2005. 3.2 Million: Number of tons of tea produced worldwide in 2005. 800,000: Number of tons of tea produced in China […]

India has now slipped to fourth place in the volume of tea exports, says the Indian Tea Association. It now trails Kenya, Sri Lanka and China. Hopefully that will change relatively quickly, as the ITA has made tea exports a major part of their upcoming growth strategy. There’s a lot of work to be done.