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Scientists have discovered that mixing green tea with other substances, such as citrus juices, vitamin C and even soy milk and rice milk, increases the amount of the antioxidants that can be absorbed by the body. [via] The lead author of the study, Mario Ferruzzi is a professor at Purdue University. Advertisements

The Champagne of Tea. This catchy moniker has long been used to describe Darjeeling’s cachet in the tea world. However, it is becoming abundantly clear that a lot more than an attractive slogan is required if Indian tea is to remain viable in what has become an ultra-competitive global tea industry. Tea in India has […]

Monday Funnies


Here’s a dose of tea humor from The Onion to get the work week off to the right start. I like to do the crossword puzzle while I have my tea,” said Baumer, making it easy to imagine him wearing a bonnet and a frilly pink dress. [via]

5 articles that caught my eye in October: How to make a chamomile vinaigrette. If you’re interested in cooking with tea, here are five more ways. An impressive list of tea titles shared by Nigel Melican. T Ching dispels a few common myths and misperceptions about tea. A great piece in the BBC highlighting the […]