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One of my pet peeves is the barrage of advertisements I see on the web for “Amazing Fat Loss Oolong Tea” or “How I Lost 55 lbs With Oolong” or, the most egregious: “Drop 3 Clothes Sizes Fast And Easy! 2 day tea diet. 100% Authentic or Money Back Guarantee.” The advertising must be working, […]

Scientists have discovered that mixing green tea with other substances, such as citrus juices, vitamin C and even soy milk and rice milk, increases the amount of the antioxidants that can be absorbed by the body. [via] The lead author of the study, Mario Ferruzzi is a professor at Purdue University.

[Public Flickr photo courtesy user moosh] Asia is bemoaning the loss of the traditional tea ceremony. With good reason too, as this recent Reuters report points out. From Beijing to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei, fast-paced modern life means that tea has little appeal for Asian youth who don’t have the patience to wait […]

[Note: The image above is not a link. Links to videos on MSN video are provided below] We were told a while back that green tea was good for us. Well, is it? NBC’s news divisions attempt to investigate the rising popularity of green tea in the United States. 1. First up, NBC Chief Science […]

For those moments when you feel an uncontrollable urge to irrigate your nose. Well, it’s not really a teapot, but you could probably fashion a small teapot to be just as effective. On a serious note, I’ve seen this in action in India – with much more primitive, non-branded equipment – and practitioners say it […]