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Our latest interview features Anand Mandapaka. Anand is a former Indian hockey star, a doting husband and the father of two lovely girls. He also happens to be a technologist on a mission to revive India’s tea industry. Join us as we chat with Anand about how technology can push the Indian tea industry forward. […]

Staying Thirsty


Thirsty magazine has published an interview with me in their December issue. Arnav Sheth (The Great Ganesha), is now a regular writer there, and has revamped his interview with me for Thirsty. “This is His Cup of Tea: An Interview with Nikhil Roychowdhury, founder of The Simple Leaf“

Here’s the conclusion of my interview with The Great Ganesha. “In this, the final part of the interview, we get up close and personal with Nikhil and he gives some advice to the young ‘uns out there, talks openly about some of the mistakes he’s made along the way, and ends by telling us a […]

Here’s part two of The Great Ganesha’s interview with The Simple Leaf.

The Great Ganesha raises his trunk and speaks to yours truly. Interviewing is fun when you’re not looking for a job!