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The Real Makoya


It’s not just rooibos anymore. South Africa is planning to create black tea with a uniquely South African taste. South Africans drink tea that is derived from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Cameroon and a bit from Kenya. This has created havoc on South African consumers’ taste buds….I have been assured by the Limpopo province and its […]

Pardon the dramatic title, but I always suspected there was a reason The Simple Leaf doesn’t sell Rooibos, other than the fact that it’s not tea! The lucrative rooibos tea industry, thought to be environmentally-friendly because it is based on an indigenous species, is devastating South Africa’s globally-important plant life.” Here’s a link to the […]

Rooibos (tea?)


No, rooibos isn’t actually tea – it’s classified by scientists as a legume. Rooibos is a popular South African drink that has now become quite the rage worldwide. Rooibos Originally uploaded by nujay. Also known as red tea, rooibos (a.ka Aspalathus linearis) is made by fermenting the leaves of this African plant. Rooibos typically brews […]