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Pradip Ghosh, the manager of the Jadabpur Tea Estate in Jalpaiguri (North Bengal) has a bit of a problem. First it was elephants, and now it is that most massive of herbivorous mammals, Rhinoceros unicornis. We are concerned about the welfare of our workers and of the rhino’s health too since it is a full […]

Here’s a little Friday amusement. According to my trusty blog stats, here’s what some of you searched for before stumbling upon this blog: spitting tea for dogs how do you kill pigs america sutra clips green ant tea Maybe I need to rework some of my titles. I’m not sure I want to be in […]

Can Tea…


do this? [via:]

Couldn’t resist sharing this hilarious music video by David Pogue of The New York Times. According to Wikipedia, “he spent ten years working in New York as a Broadway musical conductor, arranger, and keyboard player.” The experience paid off… I’ve heard there’s something new, A million times more rad than my phone, I too, will […]

On Spitting


There once was a man from Darjeeling Who got on a bus bound for Ealing. The sign on the door Said “Don’t spit on the floor,” So he carefully spat on the ceiling. [via: Jim Caldwell on 43 Places] For a scholarly analysis of spitting, see this.