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We’re smack-dab in the middle of a very pleasant Chicago summer and I’ve been brewing up fresh batches of cold-infused iced tea every day. However, the gorgeous weather means that I have not been spending quite as much time in the kitchen as I normally do. To make amends, I thought I’d go hunting for […]

How Far?


Here’s an interesting video by Molly Schwartz and Donna Schaper that shows you how far your food typically travels before it reaches you. [via: The Ethicurean, Grist Mill and the original article on The Nation] Now, we can’t really claim to be one of the good guys (although we shop at our local farmer’s market […]



A year after India’s independence, Time magazine reported: …for instance, in Hyderabad railway stations, there are separate refreshment rooms labeled “Moslem Tea Room” and “Hindu Tea Room. In Hyderabad imported food supplies have dwindled and the price of potatoes has soared to $1 a pound. The airline that connected Hyderabad with Indian cities is suspended. […]

Originally uploaded by pessoa. A popular snack in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is pickled tea. Although the Burmese produce green and black tea in relatively substantial quantities (they produce about 90 million kilos of tea annually), the production of pickled tea makes up about 17% of total volume. Young and old in Myanmar fond of the […]

From slashfood. We have heard time and again that tea – green tea in particular – is good for us, but the standard hot cup of tea can get boring quickly, especially when it is approached with the idea that you have to drink it for your health. Fortunately, Green Tea: 50 Hot Drinks, Cool […]